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Over the past 15 years, Posture Shift has equipped over 60,000 church leaders on a biblically sound, missiological approach to LGBT+ inclusion and care. Access 4 hours of theologically sound, practical content on how to relate effectively with LGBT+ people in your church, ministry, family, and community.

Topics Covered:

About Posture Shift
Biblical Foundation
Healthy Missiology
A Look at LGBT+ History
Growing Up LGBT+
Words Matter
Panel of LGBT+ Experts
Answers to Top Questions

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  • 1) About Us

    6m 15s

    Our vision is Loving LGBT+ People in the Church. Our goal is to create a new church history where Christians are known for their distinctive love of LGBT+ people. A vision is merely words, so we have four tangible missional goals to advance our missional goals: Enhance Church Inclusion; Increase ...

  • 2) Mason's Story

    5m 0s

    Twelve-(12)-year-old Mason writes a desperate letter to our team. As a Trans* kid, he faces mistreatment at school, from peers, and at home. How much can one child take? The mistreatment, anxiety and fear that Mason carries at such a young age is why LGBT+ youth are so at risk to depression, home...

  • 3) Establishing a Biblical Basis


    Posture Shift serves national, regional and local leadership teams who have a primary obligation to teach and lead with scriptural integrity. The concept of retaining a biblical position while shifting our relational posture must be supported by scripture. It must be supported throughout scriptur...

  • 4) Thinking Like Missionaries | LGBT+ History


    Best practice missiology never carves out a people group and declares those individuals unworthy of Christ. Jesus spent much of his time going to people who were propelled away from faith by the Pharisees. He had a commitment of leaving "the 99" to rescue "the 1s" in our world. In the process, he...

  • 5) Thinking Like Missionaries | LGBT+ Culture


    While understanding LGBT+ Culture (music, movies, art, restaurants, community trends) is important, there is no one culture that defines LGBT+ people. They experience a spectrum of interests and hobbies that can look similar to your life and mine. What they routinely share in common, however, is ...

  • 6) Thinking Like Missionaries | LGBT+ Language


    You can grow up in the same nation with the same language; in the same city at the same high school; in the same neighborhood connected to the same peer group; and yet, LGBT+ people have "extra language" that gets added to their Growing Up LGBT+ experience as sexual and gender minorities. To dism...

  • 7) Posture Shift Panel | Getting to Know Our Team


    In our first segment, learn how Josh, Meg and Lesli live their lives as sexual and gender minorities seeking to faithfully follow God within a traditional biblical sexual ethic. You will hear about their deeply held beliefs, their decision to live celibate lives, and how they identify around sexu...

  • 8) Posture Shift Panel | Our Growing Up LGBT+ Experiences


    In our second panel segment, Josh, Meg and Lesli discuss the Growing Up LGBT+ profile in personal terms. They describe the impact of bullying, high levels of isolation, and dealing with suicidal ideation. Our staff carried the inward knowledge of their orientation for an average of eight (8) year...

  • 9) Q&A Session | Identity Terms and Missional Care


    In our first question-and-answer segment, our team describes a wide range of identities across the sexual orientation spectrum and the gender identity spectrum. We discuss how there are differences in how people experience and describe their lives within a traditional biblical sexual ethic. We st...

  • 10) Q&A Session | Language, Cultural Awareness & Outreach Ideas


    In this second question-and-answer session, we address a number of critical questions. Why is language so important? What is the biblical basis for using LGBT+ identity language? How is using such language not condoning or enabling sin? Why is learning LGBT+ history so critical? Isn't it enough t...

  • 11) Q&A Session: Making Church & Home Safe


    In our final question-and-answer session, our team closes Digital Seminar by discussing ways to implement Posture Shift's four (4) missional goals: enhance church inclusion, increase family acceptance, protect against victimization, and nourish faith identity. Living out these missional goals in ...

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  • Posture Shift Digital Seminar

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    Over the past 15 years, Posture Shift has equipped over 60,000 church leaders on a biblically sound, missiological approach to LGBT+ inclusion and care. Access 4 hours of theologically sound, practical content on how t...