Posture Shift Seminar

Posture Shift Seminar

Nourishing a faith home in the church for LGBT+ people is one of the big challenges facing church leaders today. How can your team “Honor God” while simultaneously “Loving LGBT+ People” in your church or ministry?

Since 2006, Posture Shift has trained and consulted over 250,000 church leaders on LGBT+ inclusion and care. We have written and published one of the leading resources for parents: Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones.

Posture Shift has pioneered a training curriculum built on time-tested best-practice missiology. We help leadership teams enhance relational skills for effective engagement of LGBT+ people while providing countless practical ways to implement inclusion – all within a traditional biblical sexual ethic.

Our seminar offers your ministry team:
vision that God desires to reach all people groups in our world.
missional goals to build trust and proximity with LGBT+ people.
education on LGBT+ history, victimization, and mental health impact.
insights on “Growing Up LGBT” and what youth need at each stage.
language helps to avoid unnecessary offense and loss of trust.
a quick assessment of Posture Shift as a resource for your entire team.

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Posture Shift Seminar