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Watch 1) About Us


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1) About Us

Posture Shift Digital Seminar • 6m 15s

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  • 2) Mason's Story

    Twelve-(12)-year-old Mason writes a desperate letter to our team. As a Trans* kid, he faces mistreatment at school, from peers, and at home. How much can one child take? The mistreatment, anxiety and fear that Mason carries at such a young age is why LGBT+ youth are so at risk to depression, home...

  • 3) Establishing a Biblical Basis

    Posture Shift serves national, regional and local leadership teams who have a primary obligation to teach and lead with scriptural integrity. The concept of retaining a biblical position while shifting our relational posture must be supported by scripture. It must be supported throughout scriptur...

  • 4) Thinking Like Missionaries | LGBT+...

    Best practice missiology never carves out a people group and declares those individuals unworthy of Christ. Jesus spent much of his time going to people who were propelled away from faith by the Pharisees. He had a commitment of leaving "the 99" to rescue "the 1s" in our world. In the process, he...